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Hello, Older Adults!

As we stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s just as important to stay engaged and stay connected. In fact, our health depends on it!

Here is a list of FREE ACTIVITIES you can DO AT HOME on THE INTERNET. These activities can nurture your body, your mind, and your soul. 

Times are tough right now. But you are not alone. We are all in this together! 

For a PDF version, click here.  


#1: Exercise with a YMCA Class

Classic Car

#4: Test Drive a Classic Car

Happy Dog

#7: Play with the Dogs


#10: Compile Your Family Recipes

Teach Dog Tricks

#13: Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Chamber Music

#16: Enjoy a Concert at Lincoln Center

Memory Box

#19: Create a Memory Box

Mandala Stones

#22: Paint Mandala Stones (with Q-Tips!)

Ted Talks

#28: Hear Powerful New Ideas

Friendly Call

#2: Give or Receive a Friendly Phone Call


#8: Volunteer with the United Nations

National Parks

#14: Visit the National Parks


#17: Laugh to Saturday Night Live Episodes


#20: Re-Live Classic Sports Moments

Listen to Poetry

#23: Listen to Poetry Readings

Reminisce Reflect Write

#26: Reminisce, Reflect, and Write

World Tour

#29: Take a World Tour

Gratitude Journal

#3: Start a Gratitude Journal 


#6: Learn a New Subject


#9: Try a Zumba Class

Music Vault

#12: Rock Out with Legendary Bands

Write a Letter

#15: Write a Letter (Using Prompts)

Transcribe Historical Documents

#18: Help Transcribe Historical Documents

Kennedy Center

#21: See a Show at the Kennedy Center

Historic Photos

#24: View Historic Photos and Prints

Flex Brain Muscles

#27: Flex Your Brain Muscles with Games

This Day in History

#30: Explore This Day in History

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